Michael Elliott

Michael Elliott is a distinguished landscape artist known for his oil paintings depicting the breathtaking vistas of Northern England and the Scottish Borders. Elliott studied Fine Art at Sunderland University in the 1990s, developing his artistic talents and deep appreciation for the rugged beauty of the North.

His oil paintings reveal a mastery of colour and texture, immersing the viewer in sweeping hills and valleys, craggy coastlines, and quaint country villages. Through his expert brushwork, Elliott brings the landscapes to life in all their grandeur. He cleverly incorporates mixed media elements, pushing the boundaries of traditional oil painting to new creative heights.

Elliott's landscapes connect deeply with the locations that inspire them. His collection includes stirring portrayals of Northumberland's wild Cheviot Hills, the ancient Roman ruins along Hadrian's Wall, and the windswept beaches of Lindisfarne. Viewers are transported to the Scottish Borders through Elliott's paintings of rolling farmland, dense woodlands, and the landmark summit of The Cheviot.

With paintings housed in galleries across Northern England and Scotland, Elliott has cemented his reputation as one of the region's preeminent contemporary landscape artists. His works offer access to the pastoral beauty of a beloved rural paradise. Discover the magic of Michael Elliott's landscapes for yourself.

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