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Interim Gallery Manager, John Thompson, explains the gallery’s affinity with the great Norman Cornish, its importance to Spennymoor’s social history and how it promotes the ground-breaking work of pioneering local artists.

Chris and Steve Rocks

The twin brothers are among the most exciting and sought after contemporary artists working in Europe.

Local to Spennymoor, Chris and Steve Rocks have a permanent exhibition of their work in the Bob Abley Gallery, which is proud to showcase these vibrant local talents.

Winners of the Fine Art Trade Guild’s Best New Artist award, the brother are almost a unique entity in the art world – their closeness and understanding of each other means they work collaboratively on their art, painting on each other’s work with spectacular impact.

Their art draw from and is inspired by the overwhelming power of nature and explores the effects of light on land, sky and water, which has enabled them to create some truly breath-taking works.

Rocks 3

The Bob Abley Art Gallery is one of the biggest and busiest in the North East of England. Across two floors, the gallery hosts a wide selection of art for sale by over 30 of the country’s top regionally and internationally renowned artists, that is forever changing.

The huge selection of stunning pieces will art lovers and buyers, and is a must see for those who invest in the very best of art.

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Within the gallery there is a large collection of original works for sale and prints by Norman Cornish, many of which never displayed seen before. Also on display is his original studio, depicting how and where he painted, painstakingly re-created from his Spennymoor home.

The Gallery is privileged to host the permanent ‘Coming Home’ exhibition by Chris and Steve Rocks, which includes an incredible selection of over 30 pieces of original work and hand embellished prints. The award-winning twins, who uniquely both work on a painting at the same time, are hosted on the top floor of the gallery and in over three rooms.

The Gallery is always seeking work from new, exciting artists, as well as people looking to sell their own art.

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