Dave Noble

Leaving school in 1960, Dave worked at Goldthorpe colliery as an electrician for 12 years, painting and sketching his experiences in the dangerous working environment of the coal mine.

Winning a scholarship to Ruskin College, Oxford in 1972, Dave completed his studies at Oxford and Hull Universities in 1978, eventually taking up a lecturing post at Rotherham College.

He has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember; his artistic skills have always been with him. At the age of 9, Dave won a national painting competition for schools, and later in his 20s, he won the National Coal Board Annual competition 2 years running.

His love of steam engines and railways were directly inspired by his childhood experiences in the 1950s at Mexborough Loco Shed where his father worked as a driver until the shed's closure in 1965.

Like all artists, Dave finds painting a challenge and never relaxing. He says the will to paint comes from the need to do the next picture better and often quotes the great 18th century artist, Sir Joshua Reynolds who said “ a portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth.” In other words, it can never be the perfect picture never mind how skilled the artist. But the challenge always remains.

The opportunity to have Dave’s paintings available as jigsaws is an exciting project. He feels privileged that Gibsons have chosen his paintings to be part of their range. Although Dave prefers painting to completing jigsaws, his wife, daughters and grandchildren love them. Spotting his jigsaws in shops is a real joy for the whole family!

However, when he finally does tear himself away from his easel, Dave and his wife, Myrna love spending time with their family, visiting Spain and new places here in the UK. His favourite food is Indian and the very English fish and chips.

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