Freedom of Information

Everyone has a right to know what Spennymoor Town Council is doing, how we are doing it and how to take part.

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This includes the right to attend most meetings, with access to most agendas, reports, minutes and background papers of these meetings and our Parish Performance Plan.

You also have rights under the Data Protection Act to access personal data about yourself, which is being held by the Council.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 extends people’s rights and requires the Council to produce a Publication Scheme detailing the information that we publish regularly.

From 1st January 2005, anyone has a general right of access to different types of information held by the Council. This right covers information recorded in any form and obtained from any source and is not restricted to documents produced by the Council.

Making a Request

All access requests must be either made in writing (which must be legible) or by submitting the enquiry form. Written requests must contain the name and address of the person making the request and sufficient information to enable Council officers to locate the information requested.

Once we have received a request, the Council has 20 working days to:

  • Confirm whether we hold the information requested

  • Advise who holds the information if we do not have it (If the information that you request is held by another public authority, then your request may be transferred to the correct body with your agreement).

There are a number of exemptions to the Freedom of Information Act in law. Sometimes, the Council may need to consider whether the information requested should be released or whether it is exempt. If the information requested is exempt then the Council has the right to refuse the request.

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