The Town Council cares for the provision and maintenance of two cemeteries:


Spennymoor and Tudhoe Cemeteries

We are focused on providing a quality, respectful, but cost effective service in a sympathetic and caring manner.

Memorial Gardens have been created at both Cemeteries, each providing a peaceful environment for quiet contemplation and remembrance.

Each garden was designed to incorporate the four seasons of the year, with gentle fountains adding tranquillity. They are paved and offer easy access with parking nearby.

Memorial plaques and vase blocks may be purchased to commemorate those whose ashes have been interred into a Memorial Garden or scattered elsewhere. Both are available to lease for a period of ten years, which can then be renewed.

Spennymoor Cemetery

Contact the Town Hall for further details: 01388 815276

Crematoria services are also provided at Durham Crematorium, where the Town Council is a partner of the Central Durham Crematorium Joint Committee.

Spennymoor Town Council’s cemetery records are available to view online. The database is an electronic version of the Council’s registers and covers both Spennymoor and Tudhoe Cemetery.

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