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A traditional North East town, Spennymoor is a great place to live, work or visit.

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Boasting a mix of retail, parks and leisure facilities, the town offers a warm welcome to all who drop in. Spennymoor is becoming a vibrant, joined-up community, with a shared passion across many communities.

Situated between Durham and Bishop Auckland, Spennymoor has a rich history and visitors can enjoy the celebration of its working-class culture with a visit to the Bob Abley Art Gallery, enjoy its beautiful environment with a stroll through Jubilee Park or even indulge in a shopping spree by taking advantage of the town’s multinational and independent stores.

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Bob Abley Art Gallery

More about the gallery

The Bob Abley Art Gallery is a cultural gem – open seven days a week here at the Town Hall, it is constantly updated with thought-provoking and exciting works, many available for purchase. Interim Gallery Manager, John Thompson, explains the gallery’s affinity with the great Norman Cornish, its importance to Spennymoor’s social history and how it promotes the ground-breaking work of pioneering local artists.

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Spennymoor Town Council is focused on helping Spennymoor thrive.

Like you, we want people to feel happy, safe, and secure. To raise children and grow old here. To help Spennymoor become a location people choose to work in and want to set up businesses in. Spennymoor Town Council is committed to working collaboratively with residents, businesses, organisations, and a range of other external partners to enable our growing community to be healthy, vibrant, and resilient.

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Spennymoor Town Council - What We Do

Spennymoor Town Council delivers and funds many services, facilities and events for residents of Spennymoor. This video explains what we take care of in the community and wider the council.
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