Anthony James Hall

An artist who paints in oils, Anthony was born in Newcastle and now lives in Northumberland. His latest work is a series commemorating the North East shipbuilding industry, inspired by a documentary about its deconstruction.


During his childhood, Anthony would observe men going to work at the Neptune Yard at the bottom of Walker Road, where he lived. He said: “To share my passion and enthusiasm for life on canvas; creativity has no boundaries and visual statements are more powerful than the written word.”

Many of his paintings are inspired by childhood memories and family photographs, with characters to the fore within his work, paying homage to those shipbuilding men, women and communities - once proud, prosperous and warm; now sadly a wasteland of unemployment and deprivation.

His recent work is a series reimagining childhood memories and a recent revelation from researching the family tree revealed, as well as shipbuilding, Anthony discovered many of his ancestors worked in the mines.

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