Spennymower – new purchase helps Council makes the cut

A new mower is not only improving grass-cutting efficiency across Spennymoor, it’s also helping the environment.

Town Council Grounds and Estates Officer sitting on a new mower

Spennymoor Town Council invested in a state-of-the-art Ransomes MT503 flail mower, designed to work harder, faster and more efficiently.

The machine is built with low-maintenance features and is powered by a Stage-V compliant engine and featuring on-board diagnostics, allowing operators to track data and improve performance.

Town Council Grounds and Estates Officer, Danny Booth, said: “Every purchase we make in the Grounds and Estates team is weighed against its environmental impact or contribution. This mower not only boosts our ability to cut the grass better, it also enables us to lessen our impact on the environment, as we all consider how we can do our bit to address the climate crisis.

“While we appreciate the need for the town to look neat and tidy, we also recognise the need to create the right environment to encourage biodiversity and giving the all-important pollinators a helping hand.”

The new mower will allow the Council to lengthen the cutting cycle and adopt practices like “No Mow May”, a national campaign encouraging people not to mow gardens and public areas during May, to let grass grow and boost biodiversity by providing a feast of wildflower nectar for bees.

“Not cutting lawns for a month encourages more flowers to grow and May is the point at which grass starts growing at its fastest rate,” added Danny.

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