A Time for Reflection

On September 18th the Town Mayor, will hold a short ceremony at the Town Hall to honour and give thanks to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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Spennymoor will join a nationwide one-minute moment of silent reflection on Sunday evening in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

At 8pm on September 18, on the eve of the funeral of Her late Majesty, Spennymoor Town Mayor, Cllr Dean Ranyard, will hold a short ceremony at the Town Hall, alongside flags currently flying half mast, and by the spot many have laid flowers to honour and give thanks.

Members of the public wishing to attend should gather by 7.55pm. A short statement will be made prior to the silence. No other ceremony is planned for this moment.

The solemn occasion comes a week after the Mayor recognised the passing of our Late Sovereign and made a local proclamation recognising His Majesty, King Charles III as the new Sovereign, wishing him a long and happy reign.

The event in Jubilee Park was followed by Spennymoor Town Band playing one verse of the National Anthem.

Cllr Ranyard said: “I’d like to thank those who joined us in acknowledging the passing of our Late Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth II, with great respect, and to recognise the new Sovereign His Majesty, King Charles III.

“The proclamation, this Sunday’s moment of silent reflection and Her late Majesty’s funeral the following day allows us to remember the great service of the Queen, honour her memory and also share in our grief.”

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