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Spennymoor Town Council held two public consultations, it was clear that dog fouling, rubbish and fly tipping are a major concern

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Spennymoor Town Council have held two public consultations in the last year and it has been made quite clear by residents that dog fouling, rubbish and fly tipping are a major concern.

That is why the Council decided that Spennymoor needed this extra service, a service dedicated to Spennymoor and its parishes, that is in addition to that already provided by Durham County Council.

In order to ensure this service is used to its maximum residents are asked to contact Durham County Council either by telephone or the online system to report where issues are occurring.

This information will then be used to direct the Town Council’s enforcement area to identified hot spots.

This is a partnership effort between Spennymoor Town Council, Durham County Council, the new Warden and the residents of Spennymoor. If we all work together we can make it a success.

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