Scavenger Hunt in the Cow Plantation

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Scavenger Hunt

On Sunday 24th June 2018, Spennymoor Town Council organised a Scavenger Hunt in the Cow Plantation, an ancient woodland and the only Nature Reserve in Spennymoor.  Children came along with their parents and grandparents to look for feathers, leaves, nuts etc as part of the scavenge.

Even the local Fire Service turned out to add some water to the pond, to ensure the tadpoles and newts didn’t suffer in the heat!

When they had finished the children each received a personalised certificate, and as a surprise a free ice cream which turned out to be a great treat on such a beautiful sunny morning.

The children asked when the next event would be, and some suggested a treasure hunt, or a fancy dress event.

One grandparent said it was the best Sunday morning he had had in long time. He had lived in the area for years but had never been in the Cow Plantation before.

The only blight on the day was from irresponsible dog owners who had let their dogs foul the paths and had not cleaned up after.

The message from the children and adults to these dog owners was please pick up the poop so that they can use the Cow Plantation safely.

Cllr Kevin Thompson, Spokesperson at Spennymoor Town Council, said that having had such a fantastic morning, with children and adults alike enjoying walking around this beautiful nature reserve, asset to the people of Spennymoor, he was disappointed to hear about the dog fouling.  However, he wants to remind residents that the Council is going to fund an additional Enforcement Warden for the Spennymoor area and this Warden will start in July.  This means that the Council can identify priority areas, in consultation with residents, and have extra resources on top of those already provided by DCC, to target irresponsible dog owners who will be issued with fines.








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