Spennymoor Town Council foresees cuts to its funding over the coming years and because of this have decided to consult the local community on its priorities and the services they use. The Council has used a number of techniques: questionnaires, focus groups and community surgeries, to gather data from a range of people in the community.  The survey included the town itself and surrounding villages of Byers Green, Middlestone Moor, Kirk Merrington and Tudhoe.

Spennymoor Town Council provides ten services: Allotments, Cemeteries, Children Play Areas, Community Centres, Cow Plantation Nature Reserve, Football Fields, Open Spaces such as Jubilee Park, Sport Changing Facilities, Town Events, and the Town Hall. The Council’s budget is allocated between these services.

The aim of this consultation was to understand which services the public use and which they would prioritise in the light of the reduction in funding.  The Council would like

  • Feedback from the local population on their satisfaction with the services currently provided
  • A ranking of these from highest to lowest priority, as a means of allowing the Council to measure its current and future performance against community needs
  • From this feedback Key Point Indicators can be created so that Council can measure future satisfaction with the services
  • Suggestions on improving communication with the general public
  • Recommendations on areas to improve services

View Spennymoor Town Council Public Consultation Report.

Public Consultation 16/09/2016