Born on 31st October 1969 ‘Gaz’ grew up and lived amongst the back streets of a small village in County Durham, where his time as a young lad was spent playing football or sitting on the steps of the old post office close to his home where he sketched the world as he saw it.

This incredibly talented musician and artists’ work provided a stunning example of how he has captured the world, through his eyes, which enables us all to enjoy and remember about how things were.  The work takes you on a journey, showing you how people lived, worked and played in those days.

Gaz has developed a significant following of admirers and collectors within the art world, however prints of his original paints have previously only ever been available to the public to buy.  So, for the very first time the public can now purchase some of his original iconic pieces as well as newly released work.

Additional work can be seen on the artists website.