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Following the unfortunate leak of confidential reports and other comments on social media, Spennymoor Town Council would like to clarify its relationship with the organisation Step to the Occasion/One Step at a Time.

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The Council was approached 18 months ago by the organisation’s two directors, who wished to set up a pilot project in a building in Jubilee Park. As a not for profit community interest company offering free mental health services to residents, the Council approved the trial, with no fees for rent or utilities. The Council also funded repairs, maintenance and inspections of the building, registering it with a name and address so it could receive mail. The organisation was also awarded grants to undertake activities for the benefit of the community.

Following the successful pilot, the Council agreed to extend the organisation’s use of the building, pending negotiations on a long-term lease, providing the organisation with stability and allowing it to apply for funding, that could be reinvested back into the community via mental health support services. This represented substantial investment and commitment by the Council.

Unfortunately, recent events required the Council to seek legal advice in relation to the tenure of the organisation in the building, as part of the Council’s civil and criminal responsibilities outlined in a variety of legislation. As a result, a report will be presented to councillors on Tuesday 28th June, 2022 to decide on future use of the building.

A further update will be available following the meeting next week.

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